PSEB Syllabuses for Classes 1-12


PSEB Syllabuses for Classes 1-12

9th/10th PSEB Syllabus (NSQF)

11th/12th Class PSEB Syllabus (NSQF)

1st To 4th Class PSEB Syllabus

5th Class PSEB Syllabus

6th and 7th Class PSEB Syllabus

8th Class PSEB Syllabus

9th Class PSEB Syllabus

10th Class PSEB Syllabus

11th Class PSEB Syllabus

12th Class PSEB Syllabus

Guide to PSEB Syllabuses for Classes 1-12

The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) plays a vital role in shaping the educational landscape of Punjab, India. To ensure consistent and high-quality education, PSEB outlines detailed syllabuses for all subjects from Classes 1 to 12. These syllabuses act as roadmaps, guiding students and teachers through the learning process.

Primary Classes (1-5):

  • Focus on Foundational Skills: These early years emphasize building a strong foundation in core subjects like language (Punjabi, Hindi, English), Mathematics, Environmental Studies (EVS), and Computer Science (optional).
  • Holistic Development: PSEB encourages a holistic approach, integrating arts, physical education, and moral values into the curriculum.
  • Activity-Based Learning: Engaging activities and interactive methods make learning fun and effective, promoting a love for learning in young minds.

Middle Classes (6-8):

  • Deeper Dive into Subjects: The curriculum delves deeper into core subjects, with separate textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Science.
  • Social Science Awareness: Students gain a deeper understanding of history, geography, and political science, fostering critical thinking and social awareness.
  • Building Confidence: PSEB emphasizes self-evaluation and continuous improvement, equipping students with the tools to become independent learners.

Secondary Classes (9-10):

  • Stream Diversification: Students begin to choose their academic path, with options for Science, Commerce, and Arts streams.
  • Subject Specialization: Each stream offers a focused curriculum, with in-depth study of relevant subjects like Physics, Economics, or History.
  • Exam Preparation: At this crucial stage, PSEB syllabus aligns with board exam requirements, providing a clear roadmap for success.

Senior Secondary Classes (11-12):

  • Stream-Specific Focus: The curriculum intensifies in each stream, with advanced concepts in Science, specialized subjects in Commerce like Business Mathematics, and diverse options in Arts like Fine Arts and Music.
  • Critical Thinking and Research: Students are encouraged to think critically, analyze information, and conduct research to develop their academic abilities.
  • Career Guidance: PSEB provides guidance on future career options related to each stream, empowering students to make informed decisions.

Beyond the Syllabus:

  • Regular Updates: PSEB regularly revises and updates its syllabuses to reflect evolving trends and educational needs.
  • Teacher Resources: The board provides comprehensive resources for teachers, including training programs and subject-specific materials.
  • Technology Integration: PSEB encourages the use of technology in education, with initiatives like online learning platforms and digital resources.

Accessing the Syllabuses:

  • Official Website: The PSEB website ( offers downloadable PDFs of all current syllabuses.
  • School Resources: Schools play a crucial role in disseminating and explaining the syllabuses to students and parents.
  • Educational Publications: Numerous publications and online resources provide detailed explanations and interpretations of PSEB syllabuses.


  • The PSEB syllabus is a valuable tool, but it’s not a substitute for active learning and exploring beyond the textbook.
  • Encourage students to ask questions, participate in discussions, and engage in creative learning activities.
  • Support students in their academic journey by providing guidance and fostering a positive learning environment.

By understanding the PSEB syllabus and its underlying principles, students, parents, and educators can work together to create a successful and enriching learning

experience for all.


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